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 Calendar FAQ  

Can I view meetings for more than one local group on the calendar?
Hold the 'CTRL' key down and click on as many as you want, the click 'View Events'.
What does the symbol mean?
Clicking on this will download a vCalendar file which can be imported into calendar software such as Microsoft Outlook.
I'm organising/participating in an event, can I add it to the Calendar?
Yes, anyone can add an an event. you don't need to be a Club Triumph member but you do need to register as a user on our forum. If you are a Club member you should also register here
What sort of events can be added?
All Club events should be added including those organised by local groups. Other events are welcome but must be relevant to Triumph enthusiasts e.g. Classic Car Shows, Autojumbles, Historic Motorsports. We reserve the right to remove entries that are considered not relevant
How do I add my event?
Click on the "Add Event" button at the bottom of the Calendar page. A form will open up on which you can enter the details. You must enter the event title, location, date(s) and time, and a brief description. You should check the relevant checkboxes under "type of event". You can also add the postcode of the venue which is used for a mapping link on the Calendar and you can add the address of a website for the event. If you want a photo to appear with your calendar entry you can specify the web address of a suitable picture in the field at the bottom. When you are finished click "submit event" and it will appear
Can I edit my event after I've added it?
Click on the edit link under your event and the form will open up again to allow you to edit it.
I made a mistake editing my entry, can I get the old version back?
Click on edit then click on the 'Revert" button at the bottom of the form. This will give you the previous version, which you can re-edit and submit. All previous versions are stored.
I want to edit an entry made by someone else, can I do this?
I'm adding an event that is organised by or has participation by Club Triumph, how do I indicate this?
If you have registered as a Club member you will have three option boxes at the top of the form, Club Triumph Event, Event at which Club Triumph will be represented or Other Event of interest to Triumph enthusiasts.
I'm adding a Club event and want to add details such as a discount code or organisers phone number and I only want these to be visible to Club members, can I do this?
If you have registered as a Club member there will be a text box on the form labelled 'Additional Information for members'. Any data entered here is only seen by Club members
How is the information used?
As well as being displayed on the Calendar page the next six events that are organised by the Club or have Club participation will appear on the website front page and the Forum sidebar. The next six Events related to the CT challenge and championship will appear under competitions on the frontpage. When the event is over the data is automatically deleted from the server.